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Physical Education
Physical Education is deemed a very important part of the curriculum here at St. Thomas’ J.N.S. All teachers, from junior infants to second class, are allocated over one hour per week to teach the different P.E. strands throughout the year- Games, Athletics, Outdoor and Adventure, Dance and Gymnastics. First and Second classes also avail of the local leisure centre for a 5 week block of swimming lessons.  Our school has an up to date P.E. plan and teachers use the PSSI lesson plans to guide their delivery of the P.E. curriculum, differentiating the lesson to the class they are teaching, ensuring each child is reaching his/her potential. The range of P.E. equipment in our hall is clearly labelled and accessible to teachers. The equipment is age appropriate for our junior school ranging from early start to second class. The equipment is updated yearly, to ensure that the curriculum can be delivered effectively. Each child’s progress in P.E is recorded and discussed with parents at Parent Teacher meetings throughout the school year, and is communicated through the end of year school report. To encourage the home-school link, children are given active homework on a Thursday to promote being active! 

Physical Activity
At St. Thomas’ we recognise the value of Physical Activity. We have lots of planned activities throughout the school day to get us moving and give our brains a power boost. Short physical activity breaks, such as Go Noodle, Cosmic Yoga and RTÉ’s 10 @10 are used on a regular basis in every classroom across the school.  We provide twice daily playground breaks, encouraging children to actively take part in our zoned yard activities and to ‘Do your talking as you are walking’. We facilitate these activities by utilising sports equipment during our yard breaks, getting every child involved and reaching their essential 60 minutes of exercise a day. We hope to inspire physical activity throughout the locality by encouraging our children and parents to actively involve themselves in WOW (Walk on Wednesdays). 
At St. Thomas’ we are extremely proud of all our pupils’ physical activity efforts and sporting achievements whether it is inside or outside of school life. We are aware of the many fantastic sporting partnerships and organisations in the wider community which support the development of sports within schools. Here at St. Thomas’ we are continuously building upon and developing these links which we have done so for the past 35 years. Each year we invite many of these agencies into our school to help develop pupil’s skills, abilities, knowledge and enjoyment of different sports.
Inclusion of all pupils is particularly important to us in the school. As a result we have sought support and advice in this area to ensure all children are included no matter what their physical ability may be. We recognise parents as the primary educators in their children’s lives and realise the significant role they have in ensuring they lead a healthy and active lifestyle. All members of staff are always available to support parents in this area. 
Active School Week
Active School Week is one of the most popular weeks in the school calendar. Tracksuits replace uniforms for both pupils and staff, active homework replaces regular homework and active travel to school is promoted. All pupils take part in a range of fun activities and events across different strands of the P.E. curriculum. Local sports clubs and sporting organisations visit the school to provide diverse P.E classes.
Pupils have an active say in what they would like to be included as part of this weeks’ activities. Our Active School week took place this year from 23rd-27th April. We had so much fun being active. There were so many exciting activities throughout the week. We took part in obstacle courses, water and clothes relays, tug-o-war, wely throwing, rugby, GAA, boxing, hockey, dancing, boot camps and so much more. Thank you to Jobstown Boxing Club, Glenanne Hockey Club and Dotsy O'Callaghan for supporting us during the week. Check out our pictures to see some of the action from this week. 
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