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Water covers around 70% of the Earth’s surface. It is very very important to our planet. We need water to live. So do plants and animals.

We use water to;
  • drink,
  • wash our clothes,
  • cook food,
  • wash ourselves,
  • water the plants & crops,
  • put out fires and to
  • give animals a drink.
The Water cycle.

Water comes from the water cycle. Water falls to the ground as rainfall. This is called precipitation. It is collected and brought to our house and school in pipes under the ground. The water cycle has three main parts.
They are;
  • Evaporation,
  • Condensation and
  • Precipitation.

Click the video opposite to learn all about the water cycle.

Everyone needs clean water to survive so saving water is very important. Try some of the games below and help to save water.

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