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Our Schools Golden Rules are as follows; 
(1) I will be gentle and kind - I will not hurt anybody 
(2) I will do my work well - I will not waste time 
(3) I will take care of my school - I will not spoil it 
(4) I will walk quietly in the school - I will not run 
(5) I will listen well in school - I will not shout out 
(6) I will tell the truth - I will not tell lies 

The first Golden Rule - I will be gentle and kind / I will not hurt others
promotes good relationships with other people and discourages pupils from doing anything that could hurt or offend another person. This could be physical abuse such as pushing, pulling, fighting, kicking etc., or verbal abuse / offensive remarks such as name-calling, jeering , racist remarks etc.
The second Golden Rule - I will do my work well / I will not waste time 
refers to the work being carried out by the pupils in the classroom e.g. oral work, written work, activities etc. Pupils are encouraged to complete all tasks that are required of them and not to interfere with another pupil who is working.

The third lt Golden Rule - I will take care of my school / I will not spoil it 
encourages pupils to take pride in their school by taking good care of it. Keeping classrooms clean and tidy, using toilets properly, looking after school equipment etc. is encouraged. Throwing litter, scribbling on walls, writing on tables, abusing equipment or furniture is therefore not allowed.

The fourth Golden Rule - I will walk quietly in the school / I will not run 
requires pupils, for safety reasons, to walk throughout the school at all times. Running and shouting inside the school building are, therefore, not allowed.

The fifth Golden Rule - I will listen well in school / I will not shout out - 
promotes active listening within the classroom as well as in other school situations. Pupils are encouraged to put up their hands and wait for a turn to speak instead of shouting out or interrupting. If a teacher, a special needs assistant, another adult or another pupil is speaking to somebody, pupils are taught to wait for his/her turn. Interrupting another person’s conversation is therefore discouraged, within reason.

The sixth Golden Rule – I will tell the truth / I will not tell lies -
promotes honesty and encourages pupils to be truthful at all times, even if they are in the wrong.

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