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Our vision for St. Thomas Junior National School is that it will always be a place where;
  • each child feels valued and affirmed as an individual who is special and unique,
  • each parent is valued and affirmed as their child’s first teacher, their greatest influence and their most important role model, 
  • each member of the whole school staff feels valued and affirmed, and happy to work together to create a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for the pupils of Jobstown, 
  • each member of the Whole School Community will be listened to with respect and dignity, 
  • each parent feels welcome and encouraged to become involved as an equal partner in the education of their children, 
  • a happy and safe learning environment is created to enable children to learn at their own level and achieve their full potential, 
  • a positive, caring and enlightened ethos permeates thus enabling children, parents and the Whole School staff to work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, 
  • the whole school community works effectively with local voluntary and statuary bodies in order to enhance the lives and learning of all pupils.

Our Vision for the Future;
  • to have improved facilities and resources to lead to better delivery of the curriculum,
  • have full sized classrooms for each individual class of 15:1, 
  • to enable the Whole School Community to embrace the DEIS initiative with eagerness and enthusiasm thereby empowering all children in the school along with their families to achieve their true and full potential from the best education we can provide in the coming years.

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